Why Choose Vacation Batch


Sadguru’shas pioneered the concept of ‘Vacation Batches’for engineering and has been running them successfully for last so many years. During the admission process a lot of time is spent without any purpose. If this timein the vacationis utilized properly, then the student canbe well prepared fortheengineering career ahead i.e. before he/she starts attending college regularly after admission. This will give the student a comfortable feeling during the working period ofcollege (as then a lot of time &energy is spent in travelling, submissions & other activities). Due to improper comprehension of the admission process, many students feel insecure as far as getting admission to engineering is concerned. However the overall pictureof admissions is almost the same every year irrespective of the changes in the admission process. Hence if a student has decided to take up engineering as a career then he/she will definitely get a seat in some college or the otherwithout any doubt.There is no question of not getting admissionsat all. Hence it is advisable to join ‘Vacation Batches’with Sadguru’s and get prepared in advance. However if a student who has enrolled in our Vacation Batchesdoesn’t get a seat at all(which is highly unlikely), then a proportionate refund of fees will be given depending upon the coverage of syllabus, time of cancellation etc.A student joining our vacation batch can also join our regular batch if required.
Here are some of the points why a student should takeup ‘Engineering Courses’ at Sadguru’s
1. We give confirmed names of the teacherswho will be taking different subjects. In fact it is our policy to disclose the names of our teachers so that the students can make a rightful choice.

2. All the subjects are covered under ‘One Roof’ with different timings for different subjects, so that the students do not have to run about here and there for various subjects. This saves a lot of time, energy and money.

3.Having a limited number of teachers is the basic policy of Sadguru’s . This has a special advantage as the concerned teacher can interlink the various topics of his/her their subject. If a shared batch (which is taught by more than one teacher) is not monitored properly, then it leadsto confusion in understanding of subject as individual teachers have their own method of presentation.

4.In the revised syllabus, two tests per subject are held at the college level whose weightage is reflected in the total marks scored in that subject at the university level. Moreover it is compulsory to pass in tests (average) and end semester exams separately. Hence advance preparations of the subject matter will certainly help in attempting these tests successfully.

5.All topics in Mathematics arecovered by Prof. Pai with otherteachers aiding him in solvingadditional problems and practice sessions.The continuous improvement in methods of solving problems and thelatestupgraded material providedby him hasmade Mathematics the strong forte of Sadguru’s.Kindly note that admissions for Mathematics will be package of Maths I + II and not individually.

6.There are several batches of Mechanics at all centresby Prof. Bade. The subject matter has been so perfected by him that it becomes possible to effectively cover such a big subject in a very short time. Moreover the students have the advantage of studyingEngineering Drawing with him in Sem -II.

7.There are several batches of B.E.E. all taken byProf.N.K.The students have the advantage of studying’Structural Programming Approach’ (SPA) with him in Sem -II.

8.The syllabus of Computer Programming has been changed to lessen the burden on students at the entry level. This subject is now called ‘Structural Programming Approach’ (SPA). Prof. Makarand Bhonsle, Prof. N.K,Prof. Junaideffortlesslytake care of the revised syllabus very effectively in their separate batches.

9.Engineering Drawing is the basic language of all engineers. Students are guided by Prof. Bade, in this subject.Best MHT CET Coaching in Mumbai.

10.Besides Maths, Mech, BEE, S P A,Drawing,we also give study material to students in Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry as well. This study material is prepared by Prof. Keni.

11.Some classes make it compulsory for students to join different subjects with no linkage from Sem I & Sem II. This we feel is unfair on the students as they are left with no choice to leave the classes in case they are not satisfied at the end of the first semester. There is no such compulsion at Sadguru’s.

12.The packages offered by Sadguru’sare unique. Our fees are the most competitive when compared with respect to the excellent faculty, voluminous notes, updated high quality study material, and class environment. Moreover our unique L.M.R. courses add new dimensions to the preparations of students from examination point of view. Best MHT CET Coaching in Mumbai.

13.We do not believe in advertising our success. We boast of very high number of enrolments in F.E. in the city of Mumbai. This is entirely due to very highest academic environment prevailing in our premises and fulfillment of commitments.

14.Our friendly and co-operative staff knowmost of the students personally. Hence the students can readily approach them in case of any difficulty. This helps in maintaining a very homely and healthy atmosphere in our premises. Best MHT CET Coaching in Mumbai


Entire syllabus to be completed before the college starts. Sufficient breaks between lectures so that the students are not overtaxed during the sessions. Revision tests starting from the second week till the end ofthecourse. Revision lectures during college (working) period. Feel of engineering in advance so that student can settle comfortably later on. L.M.R.’s at the end of semester for revision of all the concepts and important problems. Note:The Last Minute Revision (L.M.R.) courses which we have been conducting over the years have been a grand success (ask your seniors). This removes the unnecessary fright the students have and make them fully confidentbefore the examinations.